'Our Plan'
The Royal Marsden Hospital was building the largest cancer hospital for children and teenagers in Europe at their London site. Funding is necessary to help achieve those goal quicker; to help even more children and teenagers with cancer. A lot of the funding would actually come from people who are already using the hospital, so information about the new centre upgrades was primarily advertised throughout the hospital.
Families who are going through cancer treatment spend a huge amount f time in corridors, waiting rooms and canteens, and this is where the idea was born. To leave doodle pads in key places and encourage children/parents,/visitors to doodle as a way of distracting them from the painful treatment, or the waiting to see a specialist, or simply to take their mind off their situation for 5 minutes. The posters would then be put up around the wards to brighten up the corridors, and leave the important message about the new plans.
Pen pots with crayons were left around next to the pads for people to use, the pots had photos of patients and survivors, as well as doctors - all telling us their plans after cancer. We were telling them our plans for the new state-of-the-art young persons cancer hospital.
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